• Paktia Kot, Opposite Breshna Thermal Station, Kabul Afghanistan.

About Maihan Steel

Maihan Steel is one of the Leading companies of Afghanistan in Iron and Steel sector. The company is essentially led and conducted through Group of Companies Such as Khan Engineering Limited, Samiullah Fahim Trading Co. Maihan steel was physically founded in 2018 with the purpose of a positive step for economic growth, decreasing import of steel products, creating job opportunities, self-esteem, exporting high quality steel products abroad and making a good result of trading.The main idea and logical strategy of making Maihan Steel came almost 35 years ago when the art of steel production came to Afghanistan; the funders of Maihan steel were active in areas such as production, installation, creation and montage in the steel market of Afghanistan then.With the passage of time Maihan steel was founded and now it is ready to serve and show all manners that it has to deliver.We are willing to continue to respect our society and customer’s diverse needs, making every effort to develop new products and to improve the manufacturing processes in addition to handing down skill promotion of process-saving or energy-saving concepts with the creation of a recycling society using environmentally-friendly steel materials (scrap).These accumulated experiences have made Maihan Steel as one of the leading steel companies in the production of special steel grades and special steel profiles nationwide.


To be a supplier choice for our customers by supplying a wide variety of high quality steel products

To promote a culture of ethical conduct and excellence

To look after the welfare of our employees by providing
a safe and rewarding working place.

To conduct our business in a cost efficient manner to ensure that stakeholders are appropriately rewarded

To protect nature by creating a clean environment

To introduce and reliability domestically appropriate

Producing high standard quality products compatible with all constructional requirements

To reserve reliance on import substitutes

Production also supports local procurement and subcontracting contributing to the stimulation of the economy and adding value to local products.


The first purpose is Maihan Steel is to change the Lives of people by maintaining our competitive position in the core business by employing professional and technical excellence, exploring new growth opportunities through diversification and creating value for our stakeholders


To supply high-Quality steel products, providing related services and solutions to Afghanistan and the region client base while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees focused on continued improvement, highest business standards, work ethics and corporate citizenship, leading to add value to our customers and sustained return in investment.

Audience Overview

Our Direct and indirect audiences come in various forms from a steel products retailer, to a household owner, to a construction company to an international project implementing company and the list goes on. The range of our audience is vast because Afghanistan is still in renovation and reconstruction phase along with many new plans so there is a potential market for steel products that can well adjust to the environmental conditions of this country in comparison to other structural construction substitutes.


To be region’s most reliable and innovative manufacturer and service provider in the Industry